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Lucene.Net is a high performance search engine library for .NET

Install-Package Lucene.Net -Pre

Create an index and define a text analyzer

// Ensures index backward compatibilityconst LuceneVersion AppLuceneVersion = LuceneVersion.LUCENE_48;// Construct a machine-independent path for the indexvar basePath = Environment.GetFolderPath( Environment.SpecialFolder.CommonApplicationData);var indexPath = Path.Combine(basePath, "index");using var dir = FSDirectory.Open(indexPath);// Create an analyzer to process the textvar analyzer = new StandardAnalyzer(AppLuceneVersion);// Create an index writervar indexConfig = new IndexWriterConfig(AppLuceneVersion, analyzer);using var writer = new IndexWriter(dir, indexConfig);

Add to the index

var source = new{ Name = "Kermit the Frog", FavoritePhrase = "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"};var doc = new Document{ // StringField indexes but doesn't tokenize new StringField("name",  source.Name,  Field.Store.YES), new TextField("favoritePhrase",  source.FavoritePhrase,  Field.Store.YES)};writer.AddDocument(doc);writer.Flush(triggerMerge: false, applyAllDeletes: false);

Construct a query

// Search with a phrasevar phrase = new MultiPhraseQuery{ new Term("favoritePhrase", "brown"), new Term("favoritePhrase", "fox")};

Fetch the results

// Re-use the writer to get real-time updatesusing var reader = writer.GetReader(applyAllDeletes: true);var searcher = new IndexSearcher(reader);var hits = searcher.Search(phrase, 20 /* top 20 */).ScoreDocs;// Display the output in a tableConsole.WriteLine($"{"Score",10}" + $" {"Name",-15}" + $" {"Favorite Phrase",-40}");foreach (var hit in hits){ var foundDoc = searcher.Doc(hit.Doc); Console.WriteLine($"{hit.Score:f8}" + $" {foundDoc.Get("name"),-15}" + $" {foundDoc.Get("favoritePhrase"),-40}");}


Lucene.Net is a port of the Lucene search engine library, written in C# and targeted at .NET runtime users


  • Maintain the existing line-by-line port from Java to C#, fully automating and commoditizing the process such that the project can easily synchronize with the Java Lucene release schedule
  • Maintaining the high-performance requirements expected of a first class C# search engine library
  • Maximize usability and power when used within the .NET runtime. To that end, it will present a highly idiomatic, carefully tailored API that takes advantage of many of the special features of the .NET runtime